Final Thursday class Tommorow we wrap up and the lecture is a surprise. D day. Funny we end on Friday the day of Venus. I forgot to add DONT be too anal about antibacterial shit in the workspace because all alchemists know some is beneficial. And the best part of alchemy is the fact you and yourContinue reading “Final Thursday class”

Something to look forward to next week when my mellissa herb arrives, we will post an alchemical spygaric with pictures of it really being done: Free class for those who are interested.

alchemy class

Big Diaper Baby

Well this is for anything we need to address in a dramatic and fun way. I want to let my clients know to make an appointment for a reading from now on. You will have to pay a 25.00 deposit (non refundable) my time is valuable so if you want a reading, show me theContinue reading “Big Diaper Baby”