Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn

I like it, its different and strange, reminding me of the book Nicholas Flamel had on alchemy. It is written in caligraphy writing and it definitely looks like someone took their time to make it. It features the eye of horus, a greek orthodox medalion and over 200 pages of alchemical notes. I am notContinue reading “Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn”

Final Thursday class

http://www.youtube.com/watch Tommorow we wrap up and the lecture is a surprise. D day. Funny we end on Friday the day of Venus. I forgot to add DONT be too anal about antibacterial shit in the workspace because all alchemists know some is beneficial. And the best part of alchemy is the fact you and yourContinue reading “Final Thursday class”

Alchemy 101 Class four

The number four and Thursday are representative of Jupiter/Zeus (because I follow the Greek we are going to use the greek planetary names, the old ones like Zeus). That is why the work is done today because our plant material is under the rulership and correspondence of Zeus. Why not start with the best? TheContinue reading “Alchemy 101 Class four”

An excerpt from the book

Now Your gonna have to buy a copy to get the rest. LMAO We could begin with the technical history of the god of wine, but it would be more fun to speak on the attributes of Dionysus? While tracing the history (which itself could make a book) would probably lead to confusion and itsContinue reading “An excerpt from the book”