Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn

I like it, its different and strange, reminding me of the book Nicholas Flamel had on alchemy. It is written in caligraphy writing and it definitely looks like someone took their time to make it. It features the eye of horus, a greek orthodox medalion and over 200 pages of alchemical notes. I am notContinue reading “Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn”

The Alchemy Journal Finally Finished

And I love it. It turned out better than expected. And remember if you order, I ship Priority for free. Eansel72@icloud.com or you can buy it at ET’s Books and Baubles on Amazon. The more books I sell the more I can post free classes on magick and alchemy. Now up for sale at 199.99Continue reading “The Alchemy Journal Finally Finished”