Final Thursday class Tommorow we wrap up and the lecture is a surprise. D day. Funny we end on Friday the day of Venus. I forgot to add DONT be too anal about antibacterial shit in the workspace because all alchemists know some is beneficial. And the best part of alchemy is the fact you and yourContinue reading “Final Thursday class”

Acid Trips with Jesus, excerpt

I am having a bit of trouble with this one. It’s not edited, I am looking for comments, suggestions, and kind criticism that is constructive. Help…. Here is what I have so far. What is love?  What is not love?  Trips with Aphrodite The stinging yet soothing Goddess of love takes Jesus and I on a tripContinue reading “Acid Trips with Jesus, excerpt”

False charity

You may think your doing good to someone when you donate you creamed corn and pork and beans cans. However, let me tell you when I went to the food bank in Nelsonville, Ohio about what I observed. First of all you think your just so kind and generous donating nasty moldy bread that mightContinue reading “False charity”

Upcoming Events

Pheonix Phyre, Pagan gathering at Maddox Ranch October 9-13, day passes or weekend long camping passes available, I will be doing a Hermetics workshop and an advanced alchemy workshop Thursday and Friday at 10 AM Trees of Avalon Gathering, Pagan gathering and drum circle October 31-November2, day passes available. Workshops I am doing will beContinue reading “Upcoming Events”