ET Ansel

Well they told me i needed an author’s blog. Somehow this monstor has taken over atleast two hours of writing everyday. I think it is good practice though. I can also display my creative chaotic talents. Which, I was reminded at TAG was a true gift and that i can juggle many projects at once. Yes, I can even complete them. So with the introduction of myself coming out as an author with authority and a creator with the gift to create I am begetting a blog.

Some of you know me and some of you dont, but I am just a fun loving sweet person who enjoys many things. I love to travel and meet new people. I hate dogmatic rules and I am different. Due to my ADHD I can be seen as chaos but I also appreciate order.

I am a greek who practices an ancient greek spiritual rite, formed somewhat like Asclepius. I am a psychic empath, clairaudient and channeler as well as occasional medium. I also follow a shamanistic lifestyle and practice those healing arts. My path is my own and I welcome you to observe. I have many psychic abilities but my first love is educating others and diminishing their ignorance of spiritual gifts.

So I hope you all love ME as much as I do. Welcome to my world.

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