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Hi ya all!!!! You found me. The crazy alien raver and psychonaut. So, what is up today? Well we are going to open with a new release date on ACID TRIPS WITH JESUS BY ET, right after easter the release date for our new book is March 30, 2020. The book will cover “fictional” adventures into the rave culture, trips with the greek gods, healing ethneogens and much more.

In January we will be at Maddox Ranch again for Virtue Festival with more copies you can get signed by me (yeah me!) the author of interesting and fun, slightly dramatic books to inform and entertain.

October 9-13 at Maddox ranch you can attend Pheonix Phyre (yes they have day passes) where the Egyptian pyramid will be set up and the first published book will be available, THE MYSTERIES OF DIONYSUS BY ET, in paperback and book signing for the low price of 14.99. You can learn to invoke my brother Dionysus and alchemical instructions are included in the text. I tried my best to put it in plain English so that everyone can partake of the nature of the God.

For those who don’t know me yet, I am Elizabeth Ansel, a fellow raver and follower of the cult of Dionysus, mom to four wonderful children and two very naughty doggies. I teach workshops on mysteries, greek mythology, entheogenic use, psychic and tarot readings and much more.

We will be opening the sacred, zen porch up for workshops and more beginning in January, please email me for details on certain specific workshops. At these gatherings will be an intimate group of no more than five so sign up early. We are also going to be covering shamanic healing and begin training classes in herbal remedies and medicine.

You can also schedule a private reading with ET by appointment in Ocala, Florida if you are in the area.

I look forward to this new journey and seeing where it takes me and my new friends.

ET Ansel

Well they told me i needed an author’s blog. Somehow this monstor has taken over atleast two hours of writing everyday. I think it is good practice though. I can also display my creative chaotic talents. Which, I was reminded at TAG was a true gift and that i can juggle many projects at once. Yes, I can even complete them. So with the introduction of myself coming out as an author with authority and a creator with the gift to create I am begetting a blog.

Some of you know me and some of you dont, but I am just a fun loving sweet person who enjoys many things. I love to travel and meet new people. I hate dogmatic rules and I am different. Due to my ADHD I can be seen as chaos but I also appreciate order.

I am a greek who practices an ancient greek spiritual rite, formed somewhat like Asclepius. I am a psychic empath, clairaudient and channeler as well as occasional medium. I also follow a shamanistic lifestyle and practice those healing arts. My path is my own and I welcome you to observe. I have many psychic abilities but my first love is educating others and diminishing their ignorance of spiritual gifts.

So I hope you all love ME as much as I do. Welcome to my world.

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