The ferrets

They have acclimated very well and are playing more. Lucy tore the bathroom up and bites the dogs. Aries is more gentle and doesn’t bite. So the dogs pick on poor Aries instead of Lucy. I have a video to post of them and will share it as soon as I can. The ferrets actually like EDM music and love to dance.

How the Devils Trick your ass

A great parable would be the one of the poor animals needing rescue commercial because those evil demons know you will have guilt to make you donate. The devils are abusive pimps sometimes in human form. Like feeding those poor Africans? Did they show you their accounting records?

DO NOT play into this game. We already pay fucking taxes. However, donating food, especially good food is one game the devils cannot play. Why? In heaven we feed each other the best. The devil is not allowed in there.

Another demonic thing I heard in church was some woman saying god laid a burden on her heart to help the Native Americans. Bullshit. The devil did that and your not fucking helping. Ignorance. So yeah I will say it. Pay attention, guilt keeps you a slave to Satan.

What then should we be ashamed of?

Well certainly not the body. It’s a beautiful creation, that if you saw yourself through the Goddesses eyes you would love and understand. In the beginning Adam and Eve’s sin was not eating the apple that gave them shame in being naked, it was hiding that nakedness. Perhaps you should be ashamed of hiding and those who try to bury you in shame need to be ashamed. You don’t like my fat ass fuck you because I guarantee my tattoo will tell you where to go. I carry a thunderbolt tattooed on my but cheeks and above it, she says, “get thee behind Satan.”

Fuck your fruit and fuck your shame. There is nothing wrong with being human, being naked and being free. There is something wrong with putting people to shame for it. Also when you uncover the body you can uncover the soul allowing the real you to shine forth. When I pray I drop the F…bomb on several occasions because I am keeping it real. My god and goddess know me. I cannot offend my own.

You need to love yourself, all of it. Predators can smell fear on their victim and you wont be a victim if you know thyself. Also there is not a fucking thing wrong with masterbation. You may have to please yourself in order to tell others what you like. So they can be pleasing and not just their own cockblock.

NO SHAME KIDS>. we love you all, fat, skinny, short, tall, big or small. Be proud and be loud.

Daily Rant and Rave

What can you expect to find at a Rave party? Well shockingly enough you will find people sharing many talents such as fire spinning, hula hooping, singing, music and art. They don’t do it to please the crowd but because they love to do it. Most of the vending I had done at the Rave’s was not profitable other than meeting some of the most interesting people in the world.

These parties are about love and sharing. They give the artist inspiration. Quite frankly they are a lot of fun. I have yet to experience people being assholes and fighting. The folks gather in a tribal way.

As those who know me, you are aware that Dionysus is one of the favorites in my pantheon. I arrive to a rave unfettered and ready to celebrate life. As for the MDMA and LSD, well some of you may not want to hear it but I see the healing these things do for people. Terrance McKenna was right.

If you had met me 10 years ago, I was wound up like a ten day clock. After participating in these holy things, I have become open and friendlier. I also found my destiny. Creativity has been restored and juris prudence and self consciousness is a thing of the past. At these gatherings you can feel the energy of love, compassion, and acceptance. Costumes are a plus and dramatic presentation is also quite fun. I also find people sharing and helloing each other, even to a stranger (like me) in a strange land. I have found people who don’t think they are special but truly they are. One man had confidence and spread it like butter unawares. He also stopped a young man from killing himself. What if the world were full of more people like him?

I have had strangers help me find what I was looking for, I have given generously and shared the good things I had with them. Freely. To the Rave community: you have made me happy. I will support your choices from now until eternity. Like Dionysus himself did 3000 years ago.

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.

Good Neighbors

I just moved to a place that is called little Mexico in Ocala, Florida. Most of my neighbors are Latino, from Peurto Rico, The Dominican and other Latin American countries. Well Donald Trump, these folks are some of the best neighbors I have ever had. Not once have they called the police for our loud gatherings on the screened in porch/bar nor have they complained about our music. They have brought me cake and even helped me learn Spanish.

I have nothing but good reports of the people i live next to. They try to take very good care of the small lawns and do not come by nosing into everyone’s business.

I am more than happy to let them come to the USA to live among us. In fact if we would join Mexico and make 50 more states instead of a wall, wouldn’t that make more sense? I do beleive that since they make medicines we cannot sell here, and if we’d join them we have alot to learn from one another. Especially with the ahyuasca and Ibogaine.

Who are you Donald Trump to think your better than them? Last time i checked most American are nosy as hell and up in eveyone’s business spreading malicious gossip. Perhaps we need to wall the gossips in a cage? As for cocaine distribution, why dont you just legalize it and let it go free market trade? Tax it and cover the deficit? In the 1800s you gave it to slaves so they could work faster? It would only take a quarter of that tax money to put towards rehab centers and AA or NA than we spend on the drug problem now.

Anyway just some random observations people need to pay attention to.

Elizabeth Griffith


Elizabeth Griffith

ferret spirit animal 1200x630

ferret totem animal 1200x630

ferret power animal 1200x630

Ferret offers many unique characteristics that you can tap into. These include:

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The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck 600x900

To The Whores of Babylon

My son is encouraging this post today, so this is all his fault. Apparently when i used to drink i would come home and call the misbehaving dogs the whores of Babylon.

So we will have another rant about why you are infested with thieving heroin addicts in all of your wonderful towns the older generation built for themselves. In the process of this building, you have cursed the youth to extreme boredom and hopelessness. So youth gone wild, let me give you a word to the wise elders (who are full of ignorance and apathy) whose hearts are hardened like the Pharoah of Egypt back in the time of Moses. You want to know why these druggies rob you blind? Because your beautiful towns and the inheritance you should have saved for them has led them to hopelessness. Like Hades realm, they cannot get good careers (a job is just something you blow) they cannot get housing or clothing or food and they are bored. You treated them like shit and they rob you because you need to be taught a lesson.

This generation who blew up housing prices to keep certain folk out of their neighborhoods; because, you live in fear and racism (your not immune to being robbed by the way) is the result of your “wisdom” which is ignorance and your god is Chronos who devoured his children. Shame on you and praise those thieves-its a call to wake up and help.

Instead of helping, you judged them unfit and; look at the nasty shit you put in the white house and congress. Shame on you, no wonder kids are getting ass raped all over the USA and shooting up your schools. They fucking hate you.

You dont give jobs or careers, you teach people to be racist haters, you have turned your towns into dens of theives, and your hard in the heart and the head. May the curse of Pharoah come wake your ass up to the issue you CAUSED, mother fuckers. Instead of helping you lock them away and judge them? Is this your fucking throne? NO! My god wants to meet your racist, hard, cold stupid god to say_WTF. You are raising children who hate their parents and you will loose them. when you get old will they visit you? Will they praise and honor you? Children should be a blessing and a joy.

It is time now to teach the lessons of Socrates, because the corruption of the Chronos generation is worse than death. This is your lesson. Better wake the fuck up and pay attention. And spit out my hope you pandora box of shit.

Your journey starts here.

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Elizabeth Griffith


Elizabeth Griffith

Author and psychonaut Published works are The Mysteries of Dionysus by ET Ansel and Acid Trips with Jesus

This is me on flight

So I found a genius kernel of wisdom today. All hai the great Poseidon for the insight to it. And I am so excited I want to share it with everyone. However, in order to hide it from sight I cannot yet discuss a lie I found in the Hermetic Tablets. Stop reading it, or never mind, keep reading it and prove it false.

If you want to know more your gonna have to open a conversation with me and maybe I can explain it to all of you. In the meantime ride the mystery with me. And keep looking, reading so you can see what I see.

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