Well I have decided to sit Virtue Festival Out

I have been bad about keeping up with the blog and I apologize. I had quite a few projects to finish for the music and art Festival in Daytona Beach. Then I had a ticket to Virtue Festival for this weekend and since I spent all my extra funds on art supplies, I have no cash for gas or to attend. Life goes that way sometimes. Anyway we have produced over 25 books, a few greeting cards, handmade paper and some other odds and ends since Christmas.

I hope the new year has been as good to you as it has to me. I have already sold my old sewing machine and will be moving up to an intermediate one that can handle leather and vinyl, and my sizzix machine already looks a year old from using it so much. The best part was that I can make my own price tags with it. I am really not good at gretting cards, so I am probably going to pass on that creation. Quite frankly I find it dull and boring and the market oversaturated.

When I first began vending I used to take it personally when people didnt chose one of my items to buy. Now, I find it’s not the items I have created but that people just dont spend much money at events, they are there for the experience. If your going to go on the road vending please dont expect to get rich. Be prepared to spend more than you make and be prepared to carry some items more than a year. Last but not least, have fun and get involved, because you can have an expereince too!

If anyone would like to attend Virtue at maddox ranch, let me know and I will give you my ticket. In the meantime, have a great weekend.

Festival Season

I was supposed to be taking a year off to create my own inventory and write my books this year. However, I am now signed up for three festivals beginnning with the Daytona Art and Music Festival on February 8. This one looks like a pretty big festival, with only 15.00 fee for artists it was hard to resist. They have more than ten stages set up down A1A near the ocean. I am looking forward to presenting my first round of books and greeting cards, and the acrylic flow art.

After that I have the Trees of Avalon Gathering where I will be doing book signings, workshops and sitting at the author’s table. After this we move on to the Florida Pagan Gathering where I will again be presenting a workshop for kids and selling books. I am hoping by April to have Acid Trips With Jesus and the second Pagan Puppy Gang books available.

The only thing I didnt want was to camp, so I am hoping FPG will be closer to Ocala this year. I cant wait to see everyone and looking forward to my travels in April and May!

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