I have ADHD so next time dont stare at me an look at me like i am from planet mars

Its actually a blessing. I have a high metabolism allowing me to ingest sugar like a humming bird. I may say weird things but get over it. If it makes you uncomfortable then maybe you have an issue with you.

Let me turn my mirror towards you for a minute. No i dont do things on a schedule, yes i work my best in chaos, i hate a mess and unclean stuff and i despise any food touching my mashed potatoes except corn and gravy.

But I am a human who has eyes to see you all stare at me like i am naked. Which quite frankly makes me the most awesome speaker in the world.

So you dont like it. Its not me, its you. There are a few who realize the true talents and gifts I have and will display it when given positive reinforcement.

Today I am featuring a couple of unknown soldiers. the kindness of strangers

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Before you judge a raver I have a nice story to relate. I was in Daytona at a second rate, choice rave bar with a fab DJ, got me dancing not on Molly (just one too many vodkas) but two kind gentleman who looked homeless there helped me to my cab and made sure I got home okay. So be careful what you miss in people because a lot of you have no taste and go get killed by your significant others. I stayed there most of the night.

Before i was at the pretty expensive club full of young guys looking for sex and people who just dont give a shit. Facade is not always what the real inside is.

I am about to get rich and yes, I am a prophet

Self fulfilling prophecy is that my next two books will be so successful I can afford a real apple car to do the full Izzy Ishkabob charachter, no you may not use this name noone has the permission but me.

Acid Trips should do well in sales too. So I am not taking riff raff forward. If you are my friend while poor you will be my freind while rich.

And so it’s written to remember if I ever become jaded to use my money for sexual abuse awareness, sex trafficking deletion and animal cruelty monetary support. These causes are the ones I will support.

An excerpt and message from Father Cronos also known as Father Time

Written by ET Ansel here’s a preview of a message from an old god.

“Each time you master a lesson, you will find you move up a level with more insight and only time can prove this.  Fear of Cronos will keep most the riff raff out, but if you can master these bits of wisdom then you will benefit and not need a gate closed in your face.

Your children and time are another important fact I will deal with in the basic level.  Your kids would rather have your attention and time than a new apple ipad.  As a middle-aged woman I treasure the trips my father took us on when we were young such as Arlington cemetery and even the corvette factory (boring as it was) it was about spending time together.  Children have a hard time voicing this concern and most elders have just given up on trying to tell the stubborn and hardheaded folks anything.  For some of you your children are full of issues and problems that have cause a heroin epidemic that we all suffer from.  Even you become a victim of theirs if you get robbed.  Instead of covering the symptoms use your genius to get to the root and fix it.  To employers who say everyone is replaceable and cheap, your value has shown the thought you put into your product and hiring hasn’t it.  No magic needed here to see it.  Nasty cheeseburgers made by folks on a slave wage?”

Photos of the up and coming clothing line

wanted to share a few of these today!!! Oh and denim like my new book are purely an american cultural symbol. They represent to me a good work ethic, balance and happiness.

Denim is one of the largest pollutants in the fashion industry so if you can re work it, make it work!

Plain white tees are kind of boring without something on them.

Its always fun to put our own art on something to wear and it makes our art functional.

perfect fractional division. this one is a medium and is 25.00
upcycled white denim jacket size 12 and is 35.00
Made these for myself.
Recycled denim. Goddess vest. isnt it cute? It is a size 10 and asking 25.00 for it.

I apologize for yesterday’s post and am removing it. But if you only love the nice sweet me then you dont love me.

I had a very sensitive and difficult few days. Burned my chest with boiling water and taking pain meds. So i dont think i was quite myself. But reality check and i am real, we dont always have good super wonderful days do we?

I hate fake phony blogs that always say its sunshinny up their ass. OKAY> its not, the world does contain some shit holes just like our lives do. Its how we respond to them that matters the most. can we turn it around to make it full and filling? Probably.

So i have two books on the press releasing the end of march. my izzy ishkabob super hero is coming out and acid trips with jesus the pursuit of happiness with the gods is coming out. I extended the title as the book builds itself i dont want to scare anyone off and noone really wants to hear about my acid trips cause they are like exorcisms.

Just so you all know and feel it relates to you, I am not perfect, all my days are not good and child molesters piss me off. So does slavery and we need to open communication about it so we can name it, know it, stop it and destory it. Being quiet or in the closet about it just gives it breeding room and growth. There are dark things in the world, lets admit it and do something to change it. You have a voice its okay to get angry and be upset. If you say your not, then perhaps you have a problem. Just make sure its a response you can live with, preferable not a response that steals your freedom and puts you in jail.

Have a super Ishkabob day and look for my avatar on the Amazon Shelves soon!!!

Why does society give off the subliminal message that its okay to abuse a woman but not practice free speech or call the cops?

Twice now since I have been in Florida I have experienced abusive topics where the abuser is protected by people I know but the person who speaks out or warns about it is treated like a leper. Once had to call the cops on a man in South Florida who was violent and had to call landlord to be moved to a different location and they were angry with me but not the man who was an addict and abusive simply because I called the police. Really? So its okay to be abusive and make me homeless for the night because I wont tolerate it, than to call for help in my case? Are you fucking shitting me? That reinforces in a young childs head that abuse is acceptable. For the record.

If this topic bothers or disturbs you , you need to ask yourself why…something should disturb or bother you about it.

Next I am on Facebook accidently posted a name with my comment which was an accident and the man says who are you? First of all it wasnt his business now i could have been nice but you treat a total stranger with that attitude. I told him his photo made him look like a pedophile and he threatened to punch me. Anywho i am the one to blame because of my speech impediment and use of sentence enhancers, yet he exhibits abusive behaviour and has raised blood pressure about it? RED FUCKING FLAG. This has reinforced again the fact that its okay to let a man threaten you and abuse you but not to call someone out that their picture makes them look weird. maybe i need a filter. But if your so sensitive after an accusation and threaten to hit someone you never met and ask or demand they say who they are dont you already have anger issues and the potential for abuse.

Now being a fucking psychic and seeing clearly I have a propensity to pull a demon out of you so I can identify it. Get the fuck over it if you cannot handle the truth sometimes. This man has anger and control isssues manifested physically in his blood pressure and has probably behind the hidden proverbial closed door kicked a womans ass sometime somewhere and if I am wrong , good. I hope i am. When I read someone’s cards and saw what was in them, it now makes sense and needs a second look. If i warn you, I am a real friend because i fucking have your back even if I say stupid shit. Without a filter. We all have a right to free speech, we dont have a right to threaten anyone with physical voilence.

EVER. Male or Female. So be careful what you reinforce in a child’s mind. When i feel this strongly in my intution about soemone its not always a blessing for me. I dont want to give anyone bad news. However it should be a topic we can discuss and philosophize about without getting angry and threatening. We are all adults here and we are the people the children look to to understand and interpret their world. Let us not reinforce the fact its okay to be threatening or abusive at any time. That it is okay to follow your intution and its okay to exercise free speech. Its not okay to keep this hidden in the closet or shoved under the road or to have a woman protect an abuser. Until we can clear the air and face the trauma’s and name those demons, how can they ever be healed? How can we stop it if you dont tell someone loudly until they listen to you? Question everythign and dont stop as Einstein had once advised.

Even God told the Israelites in order to conquer AI you have to be loud as loud as you can for three days and the walls came tumbling down. And a special thanks to my son Joshua who always gets me and my weird, knows my point without me having to state it so loudly and supports me. As a mother I look for these things as a single mother i have to be a Father too, so I dont allow this behaviour around my children and we talk about it. Loudly.

You dont have to like it, or like me. But you do have to listen to someone when they show a red flag.

Weekly wrap up

So i have some painted clothing with greek and egyptian themes. Some t shirts that are a bit different and ready to begin the clothing label and line. Zeus Designs by ET. Hope to be up and running in March on ETSY to begin.

I wont be vending anymore this year in public, waiting for 2021 to see how the writting goes. I have the first chapter of Acid Trips ready and two more kids series books coming out soon.

Its been a productive and exciting week here in the studio. And I hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

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