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Beware. I have a blue waffle crystal with a long fucking memory.

Why does society give off the subliminal message that its okay to abuse a woman but not practice free speech or call the cops?

Twice now since I have been in Florida I have experienced abusive topics where the abuser is protected by people I know but the person who speaks out or warns about it is treated like a leper. Once had to call the cops on a man in South Florida who was violent and had to call landlord to be moved to a different location and they were angry with me but not the man who was an addict and abusive simply because I called the police. Really? So its okay to be abusive and make me homeless for the night because I wont tolerate it, than to call for help in my case? Are you fucking shitting me? That reinforces in a young childs head that abuse is acceptable. For the record.

If this topic bothers or disturbs you , you need to ask yourself why…something should disturb or bother you about it.

Next I am on Facebook accidently posted a name with my comment which was an accident and the man says who are you? First of all it wasnt his business now i could have been nice but you treat a total stranger with that attitude. I told him his photo made him look like a pedophile and he threatened to punch me. Anywho i am the one to blame because of my speech impediment and use of sentence enhancers, yet he exhibits abusive behaviour and has raised blood pressure about it? RED FUCKING FLAG. This has reinforced again the fact that its okay to let a man threaten you and abuse you but not to call someone out that their picture makes them look weird. maybe i need a filter. But if your so sensitive after an accusation and threaten to hit someone you never met and ask or demand they say who they are dont you already have anger issues and the potential for abuse.

Now being a fucking psychic and seeing clearly I have a propensity to pull a demon out of you so I can identify it. Get the fuck over it if you cannot handle the truth sometimes. This man has anger and control isssues manifested physically in his blood pressure and has probably behind the hidden proverbial closed door kicked a womans ass sometime somewhere and if I am wrong , good. I hope i am. When I read someone’s cards and saw what was in them, it now makes sense and needs a second look. If i warn you, I am a real friend because i fucking have your back even if I say stupid shit. Without a filter. We all have a right to free speech, we dont have a right to threaten anyone with physical voilence.

EVER. Male or Female. So be careful what you reinforce in a child’s mind. When i feel this strongly in my intution about soemone its not always a blessing for me. I dont want to give anyone bad news. However it should be a topic we can discuss and philosophize about without getting angry and threatening. We are all adults here and we are the people the children look to to understand and interpret their world. Let us not reinforce the fact its okay to be threatening or abusive at any time. That it is okay to follow your intution and its okay to exercise free speech. Its not okay to keep this hidden in the closet or shoved under the road or to have a woman protect an abuser. Until we can clear the air and face the trauma’s and name those demons, how can they ever be healed? How can we stop it if you dont tell someone loudly until they listen to you? Question everythign and dont stop as Einstein had once advised.

Even God told the Israelites in order to conquer AI you have to be loud as loud as you can for three days and the walls came tumbling down. And a special thanks to my son Joshua who always gets me and my weird, knows my point without me having to state it so loudly and supports me. As a mother I look for these things as a single mother i have to be a Father too, so I dont allow this behaviour around my children and we talk about it. Loudly.

You dont have to like it, or like me. But you do have to listen to someone when they show a red flag.

Weekly wrap up

So i have some painted clothing with greek and egyptian themes. Some t shirts that are a bit different and ready to begin the clothing label and line. Zeus Designs by ET. Hope to be up and running in March on ETSY to begin.

I wont be vending anymore this year in public, waiting for 2021 to see how the writting goes. I have the first chapter of Acid Trips ready and two more kids series books coming out soon.

Its been a productive and exciting week here in the studio. And I hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Day three and back to writting.

So I did one hour on Monday then painted jeans and started a control flow poppy field painting for my mom. Don’t tell her i cheated and used a stencil but she just wont get an abstract if it went up her ass.

Anywho, the book is going well. I have six pages and on Tues, Weds and Thurs i finished the outline, organization and have six pages of the first draft. This week is two hours writing then off to painting and art class. Next week i bump to three to four hours. Being ADD i like to start something and work through to the end with out stopping, which isnt a benefit btw. its like driving from ohio to florida with no bathroom stops or food breaks. you need amphetamines to do it.

So since I have slowed down, i now have to stop myself or i will keep going. its like i know if i have two drinks im good but on the fourth, there’s no stopping. Ha ha…..truth though. Being ADD though and having alot of chaos i find if i split my day in thirds and work on them a little each day, my work improves and I have time to stop and correct myself. When i need to speed up, i just guzzle my mountain dew and keep going. This book is important though and i want to do it right. The painting is to show muy mom i can do a realistic type floral bullshit painting using pure color and I am sure Matisse himself would love it.

I want to end this with encouraging anyone who is considering a career in the creative world to go for it. Dont stop, question like your as annoying as Socrates, and move through those obstacles and have courage. Creation is our right, our priveledge and we can make some really amazing things like Michaelangelo or Davinci. We can conquer the world like Alexander the Great and make it a better place.

My feeling and my rightousness on the heroin plague i will fucking tell you why

Et Ansel

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When people are sick and hurting they hurt others, plants animals and humans all do this. a caveman could figure it out and if you don’t give a shit your lazy and deserve to get robbed by them

i know a shit ton of little kids who hate and wish death to their parents and grandparents. perhaps the change needed starts there.

From Chaos to Order today

So we are in second draft with Acid Trips with Jesus, woo hoo….on schedule so far.. I write then outline then write again. I know everyones method is different but this seems to work best for me. I write a random peice then do an out line discarding and keeping what works and what wont. This is the point where the book blossoms into life and sometimes builds itself kind of like my paintings do.

On to my next painting. I am using my controlled flow technique and doing a feild of poppies so while i lay the background colors it occurs to me that i now see, really see how a field of flowers accoring to color is planted. HMMM. Interesting revelation today. Then i look up at one of my acrylic flow works and damn if you cant see a fairy talking to an animal, deer or cat i think. The most beautiful wings simply wait for you to notice them. Amazing that acrylic flow are can teach you to see kind of in a reverse way. I know it’s helped me improve my art very quickly.

Sometimes as artist we are our only teacher, when we level up we know it. And sometimes we need other opinions to validate our art and find out kind of like house shopping with an agent what you like or dont like about things. The best part is when you KNOW your better and dont need validation. It’s a new feeling for me.

Hindsight and 20/20 vision and some good drugs

Well i was thinking last spring and winter my art studio looked like Dionysus, Hermes and Prometheus went on a meth amphetamine buying spree in the time frame of two months. WTF? As i remember the sight of the studio last march. But what fun. Thank god Zeus was in control and didnt let me display some of that shitty chaos. Really bad art. But yes, we had fun and now when i look back i see the wise lesson, while having one hell of a good fucking time.

Are these gods real? Well i can testify the energy is there and you can use it. But it will not be what you expect. Am I glad for it, Hell yes! Even my walk with Hades and Persephone has been productive as i look forward to the future books and art I will produce.

Do i have any regrets from the whirlwind tornado of chaos i created. Hell no.

I am happy as I look back and think that was so much fun, can we do it again? In a few more years when I have forgotten? Dont ever be afraid to be who you are, to love who you are for truly they created us and we are wondourously made, even better made when on the path of happiness and living our lives.

Today i dont want to kill anyone, destroy anything or lay in bed all day. So to those of you who are not here yet. Dont quit, dont give up and keep going. I am a taurus and we are known for our perseverence and the energy is there for you to use anytime you need it.

Just a thought of random shit i wanted to share today!

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