Moving on….we are going into second draft and the art is ready!!! Acid Trips With Jesus and the Pursuit of Happiness by ET Ansel

I keep my word. We will be available at Amazon by March 30. If you want to meet the author and get a signed copy of the book see me here on April 3 and 4, 2020 at the Trees of Avalon Gathering meet up. You can get a day pass pretty inexpensively. I will be reading from Penelope the High Preistess and the Pagan Puppy Gang for the kids as well as doing one or two adult workshops that include how to do an art journal. Of course I will also have art supplies to make stuff! We will have Apollo’s magic mirror which is a mysterious prophetic device. You’ll have to find ET to learn how to use it. It promises to be a great fun time with the Scottish Highland Games for kids. There are always the most awesome, reasonably priced vendors and some with all handmade items. I always find the best treasures there. Food is available! Community drumming circle and dancing with the firefly’s at night. Also a rolling 20’s party on Friday night if you like to dress up and dance. The location is Kiwana’s Camp in Ocala National Forest and its a beautiful setting with cabins and bunks that include air conditioning for those like me, in heat, ugh…my diva comes out!

Very excited about this book and the Izzy Ishkabob I promise to have out based on a super hero who saves monsters by May 1, 2020. This is a universal series for everyone and she’s a super exciting charachter who’s sidekick/brother has hair like fire and you’ve never seen anything like it before~! So come find me. We will be hitting the road fulltime in 2021 to do book promotions for all my books. Keep your ears open to hear the sound of lightening and wind.


Excerpt from Acid Trips with Jesus

Now we are in first draft but here’s the gist of Apollos message in acid trips with Jesus. More good news, the book will be available early and at TAG if you want a signed copy and a new path.

Apollo/The sun

What gift can help you and make you shine? After natural talents are recognized and fine-tuned others will slowly recognize your natural talent. I know people who can sew beautiful clothing, create fresh smelling candles, create medicine and more. Some folks do it for a side business and some do it full time. They use their natural gifts and talents to assist the community and can share and teach others how to do their craft as well. Even selling clothes is a talent because as a woman you all know we love to shop! Shopping itself boosts the community and supports local artisans.  
Apollo is all about covering your weakness and letting your strengths shine forth. You won’t be good at everything; but you can be good at some things. Apollo and the Sun are also about bringing some order to the chaos in your life. 
Let us check back with making choices. Sometimes too many choices create a sense of apathy. Not enough choice creates a sense of restriction. This is why a high priestess who can make you aware of your natural talents is a valuable resource. A teacher can also fill this role. One who is career minded is seeking what will build up the community, not just a paycheck that creates the employers revolving door.  
Careers that people love, and work happiness is an absolute necessity for some consistency and quality product. It seems that lately employees are undervalued and treated like they are nothing more than a warm body filling a void. Is this how we should treat others? The lack of time being valued, and career training creates instability and seriously inferior product. When people are stable, happy and fulfilled in their career choice they don’t steal from the employers, they create a beautiful and crafted product, and they remain there because they are treated as a valued part of something bigger than themselves. A lot of the rules in the work-place have replaced -treat others as you want to be treated with the one who yells the loudest gets what they want. Completely unprofessional and food with bad juju is what you are getting when you go out for a meal or to buy a dress. When you are a shit head boss, your employee is a grouch who drinks and beats his wife. Get to the root of the problem and then don’t ask me why the younger people refuse to work. You treat employees as though they are slaves to your whims and fancies. No-one wants to be in this kind of unstable environment. See how no one addresses the elephant in the room. Unhappiness is being bred by employers and business owners who need a lesson in valuing other people.  
Don’t let your fear stop you from making time to learn a trade. We now have the internet which encourages us all to make and sell products or to work from home and adjust a career to suit our needs. Hospitality shouldn’t extend to only your guest or client but to everyone including employees.

Izzy Ishkabob now has her own facebook page

If your a friend please look it up and like it. I will be posting cartoons and book excerpts there and the fans can keep up with what is happening in Izzy’s realm.

I really appreciate your support in getting the word out about my new series. Its gonna get popular, Zeus told me.

Et Ansel

Yesterday at 2:34 PM · 

To all my friends, please like and share my Izzy Ishkabob page, its kid friendly and hoping my character will be popular. The book will be out the end of April!!!!!!

Have a cherry-O day!!!!!

zzy Ishkabob

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My new line of clothes, the millstone angels club will donate 50 percent of the proceeds to sexual abuse victims and awareness please take a look.

This was today’s designed t shirt

An origional zeus design by ET Ansel


The backside

I have ADHD so next time dont stare at me an look at me like i am from planet mars

Its actually a blessing. I have a high metabolism allowing me to ingest sugar like a humming bird. I may say weird things but get over it. If it makes you uncomfortable then maybe you have an issue with you.

Let me turn my mirror towards you for a minute. No i dont do things on a schedule, yes i work my best in chaos, i hate a mess and unclean stuff and i despise any food touching my mashed potatoes except corn and gravy.

But I am a human who has eyes to see you all stare at me like i am naked. Which quite frankly makes me the most awesome speaker in the world.

So you dont like it. Its not me, its you. There are a few who realize the true talents and gifts I have and will display it when given positive reinforcement.

Today I am featuring a couple of unknown soldiers. the kindness of strangers

News Feed

Et Ansel

1 min · 

Before you judge a raver I have a nice story to relate. I was in Daytona at a second rate, choice rave bar with a fab DJ, got me dancing not on Molly (just one too many vodkas) but two kind gentleman who looked homeless there helped me to my cab and made sure I got home okay. So be careful what you miss in people because a lot of you have no taste and go get killed by your significant others. I stayed there most of the night.

Before i was at the pretty expensive club full of young guys looking for sex and people who just dont give a shit. Facade is not always what the real inside is.

I am about to get rich and yes, I am a prophet

Self fulfilling prophecy is that my next two books will be so successful I can afford a real apple car to do the full Izzy Ishkabob charachter, no you may not use this name noone has the permission but me.

Acid Trips should do well in sales too. So I am not taking riff raff forward. If you are my friend while poor you will be my freind while rich.

And so it’s written to remember if I ever become jaded to use my money for sexual abuse awareness, sex trafficking deletion and animal cruelty monetary support. These causes are the ones I will support.

An excerpt and message from Father Cronos also known as Father Time

Written by ET Ansel here’s a preview of a message from an old god.

“Each time you master a lesson, you will find you move up a level with more insight and only time can prove this.  Fear of Cronos will keep most the riff raff out, but if you can master these bits of wisdom then you will benefit and not need a gate closed in your face.

Your children and time are another important fact I will deal with in the basic level.  Your kids would rather have your attention and time than a new apple ipad.  As a middle-aged woman I treasure the trips my father took us on when we were young such as Arlington cemetery and even the corvette factory (boring as it was) it was about spending time together.  Children have a hard time voicing this concern and most elders have just given up on trying to tell the stubborn and hardheaded folks anything.  For some of you your children are full of issues and problems that have cause a heroin epidemic that we all suffer from.  Even you become a victim of theirs if you get robbed.  Instead of covering the symptoms use your genius to get to the root and fix it.  To employers who say everyone is replaceable and cheap, your value has shown the thought you put into your product and hiring hasn’t it.  No magic needed here to see it.  Nasty cheeseburgers made by folks on a slave wage?”

Photos of the up and coming clothing line

wanted to share a few of these today!!! Oh and denim like my new book are purely an american cultural symbol. They represent to me a good work ethic, balance and happiness.

Denim is one of the largest pollutants in the fashion industry so if you can re work it, make it work!

Plain white tees are kind of boring without something on them.

Its always fun to put our own art on something to wear and it makes our art functional.

perfect fractional division. this one is a medium and is 25.00
upcycled white denim jacket size 12 and is 35.00
Made these for myself.
Recycled denim. Goddess vest. isnt it cute? It is a size 10 and asking 25.00 for it.

I apologize for yesterday’s post and am removing it. But if you only love the nice sweet me then you dont love me.

I had a very sensitive and difficult few days. Burned my chest with boiling water and taking pain meds. So i dont think i was quite myself. But reality check and i am real, we dont always have good super wonderful days do we?

I hate fake phony blogs that always say its sunshinny up their ass. OKAY> its not, the world does contain some shit holes just like our lives do. Its how we respond to them that matters the most. can we turn it around to make it full and filling? Probably.

So i have two books on the press releasing the end of march. my izzy ishkabob super hero is coming out and acid trips with jesus the pursuit of happiness with the gods is coming out. I extended the title as the book builds itself i dont want to scare anyone off and noone really wants to hear about my acid trips cause they are like exorcisms.

Just so you all know and feel it relates to you, I am not perfect, all my days are not good and child molesters piss me off. So does slavery and we need to open communication about it so we can name it, know it, stop it and destory it. Being quiet or in the closet about it just gives it breeding room and growth. There are dark things in the world, lets admit it and do something to change it. You have a voice its okay to get angry and be upset. If you say your not, then perhaps you have a problem. Just make sure its a response you can live with, preferable not a response that steals your freedom and puts you in jail.

Have a super Ishkabob day and look for my avatar on the Amazon Shelves soon!!!

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