We’ve got to stop the media

Someone Please,  man the fuck up and kill the media before they tell me another healthy thing to do and rant about all the shit I do that will kill me. For real, who wants to know that your fucking kids eat green beans, while mine are having cereal for dinner?  You are not reallyContinue reading “We’ve got to stop the media”

I dont ever fucking moderate anything

Until today. I write maybe one page or two per day on my “acid trips with Jesus” book and i am learning to do a bit at a time and be moderate. WTF? ME? I am also learning that I am not going to vend for atleast a year, maybe longer. Need to put onContinue reading “I dont ever fucking moderate anything”

The Light at the end of the tunnel; talking about depression

I think we all go through this in life at some point in time. For some of us though it is debilitating to the point where we can’t get out of bed, or worse, we get suicidal. I always call it the dark night of the soul, but without that kind of perspective on things,Continue reading “The Light at the end of the tunnel; talking about depression”

One more little festival wont hurt

I just bought my ticket to Virtue Music Festival. Very excited to be attending this one at Maddox Ranch. Last year we had such a great time, it was my first “rave” style festival and I am totally looking forward to getting on the dance floor with my space whips and POI balls. I hopeContinue reading “One more little festival wont hurt”


Yes, i really do love sin and i think i will continue to live with it in my life. You want to know why? I want to be happy. You have a choice dont you? You can be right (self rightous) or you can be happy. As far as I am concerned without sin, theContinue reading “I LOVE SIN”

Do you ever get tired of giving others presents and they don’t return the favor?

Even if you don’t have money you could fucking make something. So this year I am practicing the art of not giving anybody shit. Not my parents, kids, friends get NOTHING. In fact like Odin taking away Easter on American Gods, I am going to skip Christmas this year and instead spend my money onContinue reading “Do you ever get tired of giving others presents and they don’t return the favor?”

A quote its not about perfect its about effort

And this folks is why your schools grading system is a fucking lie, pure bullshit and only good for those who can cheat a perfect grade out of a dumbfuck society. For example the girl who lip synced at the china olympic games, why? Your fucking expectations are retarted. And maybe you need to goContinue reading “A quote its not about perfect its about effort”

Saying what needs to be said LOUDLY

Healing with MDMA: an experience in the surprising mystery of man-made drugs An article by ET Ansel, Psychic Healer and Medium             What the hell am I doing here, I thought to myself as I sit in my vendors canopy at a Rave Party or what some call an EDM festival.  First of all, IContinue reading “Saying what needs to be said LOUDLY”