Alexander The Great

Had a brother who suffered autism, but the family didnt keep him secret out of shame but to protect him and his innocence, Alexander was able to conquer and that was his path. Alot of you tell me how you hear nothing but bad things about Alexander, but let me speak of the positives. HeContinue reading “Alexander The Great”

The Light at the end of the tunnel; talking about depression

I think we all go through this in life at some point in time. For some of us though it is debilitating to the point where we can’t get out of bed, or worse, we get suicidal. I always call it the dark night of the soul, but without that kind of perspective on things,Continue reading “The Light at the end of the tunnel; talking about depression”

Chaos is a virtue

It is pretty much a weapon in disguise. There are not many people who can master chaos and this is why I am thankful for my ADHD, which allows me to multitask and what seems like chaos to others is a natural state of being for me. Contrary to popular belief I can multitask andContinue reading “Chaos is a virtue”

What a cult does

I have already touched on this topic in an earlier post, but today there are some things to add to my findings. Last post we discussed how someone who wants to control you begins by removing ego from the person and replacing it with their doctrine. Charles Manson was a classic study of someone whoContinue reading “What a cult does”

Psychic Kids Series

HEY! I AM PSYCHIC JUST LIKE YOU And where to find my books. Link Provided. By ET AnselIs now available at Amazon and Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, by April I should have the whole psychic kids series completed and it will be available in box set. You will get 7 books for 50.00 in the boxContinue reading “Psychic Kids Series”