I have made my first art journal today

This is the pretty one. 200 plus pages 8×11 bound into wood paneled acrylic abstract art. Different pages ready to be filled with your art journaling ideas. 60.00 shipped, standard. With a pretty gift box and wrapped in tissue paper. Also includes one caligraphy pen. Email eansel72@icloud.com for an order form. The size of theContinue reading “I have made my first art journal today”

Alexander The Great

Had a brother who suffered autism, but the family didnt keep him secret out of shame but to protect him and his innocence, Alexander was able to conquer and that was his path. Alot of you tell me how you hear nothing but bad things about Alexander, but let me speak of the positives. HeContinue reading “Alexander The Great”

Penelope and the pagan puppy gang

Has started, my newest pagan series for kids. Penelope the high priestess and the pagan puppy gang. Here is an excerpt from the beginning. “Penelope had to hurry and get dressed up because the pagan puppy gang was meeting today to vote for their new high priestess.  Penelope was hoping to win this election.  AlexanderContinue reading “Penelope and the pagan puppy gang”

I can’t beleive it, I have sold three books

Considering what little bit of advertising I have done, I have sold three units on Amazon, one on Kindle select and five books at the pagan gatherings. Not getting rich quick but I am so excited to have actually done as well with my first book ever. Perhaps it will get better towards the holidays.Continue reading “I can’t beleive it, I have sold three books”