A quote its not about perfect its about effort

And this folks is why your schools grading system is a fucking lie, pure bullshit and only good for those who can cheat a perfect grade out of a dumbfuck society. For example the girl who lip synced at the china olympic games, why? Your fucking expectations are retarted. And maybe you need to goContinue reading “A quote its not about perfect its about effort”

Saying what needs to be said LOUDLY

Healing with MDMA: an experience in the surprising mystery of man-made drugs An article by ET Ansel, Psychic Healer and Medium             What the hell am I doing here, I thought to myself as I sit in my vendors canopy at a Rave Party or what some call an EDM festival.  First of all, IContinue reading “Saying what needs to be said LOUDLY”

I don’t need your validation

Have you ever tried to travel the path to self knowledge? A pillar that still stands in Greece states that wisdom is to “know thyself.” I always think to myself that if you want to be treated like a prince or princess shouldn’t it begin at home with you? Shouldn’t you love yourself, be confidentContinue reading “I don’t need your validation”