I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday weekend

It’s been a busy week, getting supplies for bookbinding and painting. I am in the process of painting a desk and chair then onto a kitchen table and chairs. I also finished the wood panel journals for my kids. Luckily none of my shopping forces me to go to the mall or the store onContinue reading “I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving holiday weekend”

Breaking and Keeping Tradition

I am the first to admit, I hate turkey, my body hates it, my brain hates it and it is just plain gross. It is the most disgusting thing to fry in a pan for chili and it stinks like feet or worse. Anyway I never do turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Typically I doContinue reading “Breaking and Keeping Tradition”

Well my oven broke but i got a counter oven

Now I can bake twice as much at a time! Today we are aging paper with coffee. OMG, how tedious. If you have never done it, then try it before complaining why aged paper in my books is a 20.00 upcharge. I can only do a few sheets of paper at a time. And itContinue reading “Well my oven broke but i got a counter oven”

Wooden bound three ring sketch book.

Over 200 blank pages and it’s refillable. The best part of the wood bound book is a ready made hard surface when drawing or sketching. Plus it always have more paper added to it. All items are made by hand and each one is unique by local artist ET Ansel. Eansel72@icloud.com for orders. All theContinue reading “Wooden bound three ring sketch book.”