Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn

I like it, its different and strange, reminding me of the book Nicholas Flamel had on alchemy. It is written in caligraphy writing and it definitely looks like someone took their time to make it. It features the eye of horus, a greek orthodox medalion and over 200 pages of alchemical notes. I am notContinue reading “Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn”

Gourmet Candies from Zeus Studios, simply divine

First up are the homemade twix bars, made with ghiaradeli chocolate, 10.00 for a dozen and 20.00 for two dozen. Shipping is 3.99. Each order comes in a box with a bow, and a card about how that particular greek god inspired the candy. Divine, gourmet sophistication. Allow 3 days prep, so it arrives toContinue reading “Gourmet Candies from Zeus Studios, simply divine”

I have made my first art journal today

This is the pretty one. 200 plus pages 8×11 bound into wood paneled acrylic abstract art. Different pages ready to be filled with your art journaling ideas. 60.00 shipped, standard. With a pretty gift box and wrapped in tissue paper. Also includes one caligraphy pen. Email eansel72@icloud.com for an order form. The size of theContinue reading “I have made my first art journal today”