So does anyone even really give a shit?

I have friends, but no-one ever buys my book although they are good at blowing smoke up my ass. My family wont buy it because they think I am hell bound for delving into the Ancient Greek teachings. Yet, everyone wants my support for their bullshit. Now the whole fucking world is full of bullshitContinue reading “So does anyone even really give a shit?”

WTF travel in Ohio

I fell asleep last night missing home. I was raised in central Ohio near Circleville, which is about 20 minutes south of Columbus. There are places in Ohio that don’t quite fall into tourist trap type things that only a few of the locals know about. Do you love thrill rides and do you haveContinue reading “WTF travel in Ohio”

I don’t need your validation

Have you ever tried to travel the path to self knowledge? A pillar that still stands in Greece states that wisdom is to “know thyself.” I always think to myself that if you want to be treated like a prince or princess shouldn’t it begin at home with you? Shouldn’t you love yourself, be confidentContinue reading “I don’t need your validation”

Upcoming Events

Pheonix Phyre, Pagan gathering at Maddox Ranch October 9-13, day passes or weekend long camping passes available, I will be doing a Hermetics workshop and an advanced alchemy workshop Thursday and Friday at 10 AM Trees of Avalon Gathering, Pagan gathering and drum circle October 31-November2, day passes available. Workshops I am doing will beContinue reading “Upcoming Events”

An excerpt from the book

Now Your gonna have to buy a copy to get the rest. LMAO We could begin with the technical history of the god of wine, but it would be more fun to speak on the attributes of Dionysus? While tracing the history (which itself could make a book) would probably lead to confusion and itsContinue reading “An excerpt from the book”

Big Diaper Baby

Well this is for anything we need to address in a dramatic and fun way. I want to let my clients know to make an appointment for a reading from now on. You will have to pay a 25.00 deposit (non refundable) my time is valuable so if you want a reading, show me theContinue reading “Big Diaper Baby”