How the Devils Trick your ass

A great parable would be the one of the poor animals needing rescue commercial because those evil demons know you will have guilt to make you donate. The devils are abusive pimps sometimes in human form. Like feeding those poor Africans? Did they show you their accounting records? DO NOT play into this game. WeContinue reading “How the Devils Trick your ass”

What then should we be ashamed of?

Well certainly not the body. It’s a beautiful creation, that if you saw yourself through the Goddesses eyes you would love and understand. In the beginning Adam and Eve’s sin was not eating the apple that gave them shame in being naked, it was hiding that nakedness. Perhaps you should be ashamed of hiding andContinue reading “What then should we be ashamed of?”

Good Neighbors

I just moved to a place that is called little Mexico in Ocala, Florida. Most of my neighbors are Latino, from Peurto Rico, The Dominican and other Latin American countries. Well Donald Trump, these folks are some of the best neighbors I have ever had. Not once have they called the police for our loudContinue reading “Good Neighbors”

To The Whores of Babylon

My son is encouraging this post today, so this is all his fault. Apparently when i used to drink i would come home and call the misbehaving dogs the whores of Babylon. So we will have another rant about why you are infested with thieving heroin addicts in all of your wonderful towns the olderContinue reading “To The Whores of Babylon”