I have a new little dream

I want 40-50 acres of my own and Northern California has some good prices and my kind of people there. Think of this a tiny home for me and room for all my kids. With a creek or small river running through it. Where I can sustainably live off the grid. Close enough to the ocean to take a day trip and have dinner somewhere.

Most of all I imagine, ducks, chickens, pigs, cows, a bull, horses, a pony and such. A large garden and room for all my favorite people. Since California is so progressive with alternative housing and yurts, tiny homes and schoolies are acceptable, it’s a pretty acheivable and realistic goal. If i live where people work on a barter system, even better! I would also have to adopt or get a couple of wolf hybrid puppies. I would have a big deck around my home and work outside most days! The weather is so agreeable! When we get bored we can go dig for crystals and pan for gold at the creek. From what I hear even the grocery fruits and veggies are the freshest you can get in the USA.

Each kid could have a 5 acre plot for themselves and whatever type of home they want to build or put on it. My grandbabies would be close by. My partner can tinker his days away building things or doing whatever it is he likes to do. Then I could go fishing and catch crawfish.

Sounds like a dream?

Published by eansel72

Alchemist, Author, psychonaut, teacher, ethnobotanist, herbal healer, psychic medium and stay at home mom. I am now beginning the new adventure of bookbinding by hand and incorporating it into my art. And of course i am still writting the children's psychic series and Acid Trips With Jesus due to debut by March 2020. I have done pretty well with The Mysteries of Dionysus and will still offer a few pagan items here and there. The future is looking bright. I am also a practicing alchemist. You can find me for book signings and workshops at central Florida pagan gatherings where I also tech workshops.

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