From Chaos to Order today

So we are in second draft with Acid Trips with Jesus, woo hoo….on schedule so far.. I write then outline then write again. I know everyones method is different but this seems to work best for me. I write a random peice then do an out line discarding and keeping what works and what wont. This is the point where the book blossoms into life and sometimes builds itself kind of like my paintings do.

On to my next painting. I am using my controlled flow technique and doing a feild of poppies so while i lay the background colors it occurs to me that i now see, really see how a field of flowers accoring to color is planted. HMMM. Interesting revelation today. Then i look up at one of my acrylic flow works and damn if you cant see a fairy talking to an animal, deer or cat i think. The most beautiful wings simply wait for you to notice them. Amazing that acrylic flow are can teach you to see kind of in a reverse way. I know it’s helped me improve my art very quickly.

Sometimes as artist we are our only teacher, when we level up we know it. And sometimes we need other opinions to validate our art and find out kind of like house shopping with an agent what you like or dont like about things. The best part is when you KNOW your better and dont need validation. It’s a new feeling for me.

Published by eansel72

Alchemist, Author, psychonaut, teacher, ethnobotanist, herbal healer, psychic medium and stay at home mom. I am now beginning the new adventure of bookbinding by hand and incorporating it into my art. And of course i am still writting the children's psychic series and Acid Trips With Jesus due to debut by March 2020. I have done pretty well with The Mysteries of Dionysus and will still offer a few pagan items here and there. The future is looking bright. I am also a practicing alchemist. You can find me for book signings and workshops at central Florida pagan gatherings where I also tech workshops.

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