All packed up and ready for Daytona Beach

We are showing at the Daytona Main Street Live event Saturday from 2 pm to 12 midnight this week. I finally have all my canvases loaded and actually ended up with several paintings from acrylic pours to mixed media and will be showcasing my newest technique that I created called a controlled flow.

We will also have several new books from books of shadows, to steampunk journals and celtic books for purchase. Some are painted, some are leather covered and some are just cute as a button. We look forward to attending this event for the first time and hope to see some of you there! Look for the Egyptian Pyramid with the Eye of horus, and that’s Zeus Designs by ET Studios!

After this event we will vend at another event by this coordinator in Deland. I am looking forward to it and will have photos up for the blog on Sunday, time permitting. Its going to be a super busy weekend and I hope you all enjoy it!

Published by eansel72

Alchemist, Author, psychonaut, teacher, ethnobotanist, herbal healer, psychic medium and stay at home mom. I am now beginning the new adventure of bookbinding by hand and incorporating it into my art. And of course i am still writting the children's psychic series and Acid Trips With Jesus due to debut by March 2020. I have done pretty well with The Mysteries of Dionysus and will still offer a few pagan items here and there. The future is looking bright. I am also a practicing alchemist. You can find me for book signings and workshops at central Florida pagan gatherings where I also tech workshops.

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