I have been working so hard i neglected my blog

It will probably be this way until the new book debut’s. I have been painting for my next event this Saturday, Main street live art and music festival at Daytona Beach. I actually think i have made a new flow art technique, so i will see how it goes then post after Saturday. And no i wont tell you the technique yet.

But it is pretty. I have been very productive since November and have been able to create two books and two paintings a week. I have tons of journals and lots of art to hang up if it doesnt sell. Its okay i love all the work I did.

So I will check back in after the ninth and post about the show and share some exciting photos of the fesival!!

Published by eansel72

Alchemist, Author, psychonaut, teacher, ethnobotanist, herbal healer, psychic medium and stay at home mom. I am now beginning the new adventure of bookbinding by hand and incorporating it into my art. And of course i am still writting the children's psychic series and Acid Trips With Jesus due to debut by March 2020. I have done pretty well with The Mysteries of Dionysus and will still offer a few pagan items here and there. The future is looking bright. I am also a practicing alchemist. You can find me for book signings and workshops at central Florida pagan gatherings where I also tech workshops.

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