Well my alchemy book is finished and took an unexpected turn

I like it, its different and strange, reminding me of the book Nicholas Flamel had on alchemy. It is written in caligraphy writing and it definitely looks like someone took their time to make it. It features the eye of horus, a greek orthodox medalion and over 200 pages of alchemical notes. I am not selling this one at this time. I am pretty sure its worth more than anyone would pay for it.


Alchemy 101, class 3 psychology of alchemy

No homework tonight, just watch the video and begin mortar and pestle with the herb.

If your having issues with the video go here https://youtu.be/VDwXM01Z8LU for the video on you tube.


Something to look forward to next week when my mellissa herb arrives, we will post an alchemical spygaric with pictures of it really being done: Free class for those who are interested.

i might also include some videos, and you can all work through the first alchemical process with me. We do this first to see if you want to go further and invest more time and money in it. As your instructor I will explain the divinity and psychic aspects, what you can expect and how it is working for me. I will simply walk the steps alongside you and we will see for ourselves what happens. I want to know and some of you do to. If one of us is wrong the other can correct and we will all help each other. I dont promise perfection or gold from mercury. I promise insight and fun. And the joy of creating something. For the sheer pleasure of doing it. You only need about 1 hour night one on thursday and maybe 10 minutes the rest of the time except when we make ash which will also be about an hour. the rest is 10 minutes tops. It will take two weeks. i require you only follow two rules in my classroom, you treat others as you want to be treated, so if your abusive i will assume you want to be abused and may be happier at the BDSM section of life. And that noone gets left behind. We will all move harmoniously through the class. One day at a time. If you have trouble with something ask. I will answer.

All you will need by next week is a mason jar, 8 oz, about 4-8 oz of mellisa or lemon grass herb, 100 proof vodka and some water. Also a place where you can burn the leftover herb in to ashes. It will take a total of two weeks for this first process. This will awaken something psychically in you so be prepared and have your house in order (ethics). Its all i ask then we will proceed together to do some real alchemy. Back by popular demand. i will include all instructions, do the work so you can see and document it pictorally and written. Also you might need foil, aluminum, plastic wrap, oven mits and distilled or spiritualized water which i will tell you how to do on Monday. Thats where we will begin.

for the herb mellissa, they have some on amazon buy the herb chopped, not the powder. You will be grinding it with a coffee grinder, or a mortar and pestle, this is an important step for you to learn so no cheating and buying the already ground or you open yourself to the grinders energy on your experiment. No vibes but your own should be going into your alchemical child. Rule two, no metal can touch the substance so you jar lids will need covered with fabric paper towel foil or plastic wrap. you will need cheesecloth as well and that can also be bought simply and cheaply. We will not be working with metals until later on, so the first three processes will simply be to make the elixir or the vegetable stone. The investment is small and the skills you learn will be invaluable habits for the next steps. Also get a notebook and set it aside for this work and only this work. Dont use said book for anything else. And I will post monday on step one where we will spiritualize distilled water or undistilled, it wont matter because we are going to erase its memory and get it ready for the herbal tranmisssion. The alchohol will remove any and all toxins. So dont boil your water in a metal pan, put it in a jar and set it aside, no metal touching it at all. Adultery in alchemy is mixing your vegetable with metal or mineral and we have to be careful as this stage to not mix them leading to addictions. You will see why as we work the process. Email me at eansel72@icloud.com and be ready to begin on Monday with water and Thursday with the herb. 8 oz to one pound will be sufficient.

So if your interested in learning alchemy, then i am going to do it and i will allow you to do it with me from the comfort of your own home. I have heard this vegetable stone we will eventually make can make women menstruate again (even after menopause) so i am curious to see if we can do something of that likeness. Anyone can do it. And you can always comment if you have any further quesitons and you can call me on the phone. I will list my number if you have concerns or questions. This is a free class and we will all be teaching, learning and performing the steps together. we do not work with the plant unitl thursday following the hours of Jupiter so do some research on Jupiterain ruled plants. Before Monday. Let’s DO thiS and i will be with you through the whole time. Video or photo and you can call between the hours of 12 noon and 10 pm or email anytime with questions. eansel72@icloud.com

All alchemy classes will be categorized in the Alchemy section of the blog. As well as posted daily to check in and see that we are all on the same page with the experiments.


To The Whores of Babylon

My son is encouraging this post today, so this is all his fault. Apparently when i used to drink i would come home and call the misbehaving dogs the whores of Babylon.

So we will have another rant about why you are infested with thieving heroin addicts in all of your wonderful towns the older generation built for themselves. In the process of this building, you have cursed the youth to extreme boredom and hopelessness. So youth gone wild, let me give you a word to the wise elders (who are full of ignorance and apathy) whose hearts are hardened like the Pharoah of Egypt back in the time of Moses. You want to know why these druggies rob you blind? Because your beautiful towns and the inheritance you should have saved for them has led them to hopelessness. Like Hades realm, they cannot get good careers (a job is just something you blow) they cannot get housing or clothing or food and they are bored. You treated them like shit and they rob you because you need to be taught a lesson.

This generation who blew up housing prices to keep certain folk out of their neighborhoods; because, you live in fear and racism (your not immune to being robbed by the way) is the result of your “wisdom” which is ignorance and your god is Chronos who devoured his children. Shame on you and praise those thieves-its a call to wake up and help.

Instead of helping, you judged them unfit and; look at the nasty shit you put in the white house and congress. Shame on you, no wonder kids are getting ass raped all over the USA and shooting up your schools. They fucking hate you.

You dont give jobs or careers, you teach people to be racist haters, you have turned your towns into dens of theives, and your hard in the heart and the head. May the curse of Pharoah come wake your ass up to the issue you CAUSED, mother fuckers. Instead of helping you lock them away and judge them? Is this your fucking throne? NO! My god wants to meet your racist, hard, cold stupid god to say_WTF. You are raising children who hate their parents and you will loose them. when you get old will they visit you? Will they praise and honor you? Children should be a blessing and a joy.

It is time now to teach the lessons of Socrates, because the corruption of the Chronos generation is worse than death. This is your lesson. Better wake the fuck up and pay attention. And spit out my hope you pandora box of shit.

Your journey starts here.

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Elizabeth Griffith


Elizabeth Griffith

Author and psychonaut Published works are The Mysteries of Dionysus by ET Ansel and Acid Trips with Jesus


Acid Trips with Jesus, excerpt

I am having a bit of trouble with this one. It’s not edited, I am looking for comments, suggestions, and kind criticism that is constructive. Help….

Here is what I have so far.

What is love?  What is not love?  Trips with Aphrodite

The stinging yet soothing Goddess of love takes Jesus and I on a trip through Venus and all of her beauty.  It is up to you to answer her question correctly so that you can see her wisdom.  One full of ignorance cannot love themselves or anyone else.  Venus is full of appreciation, gratitude, creativity, comfort, joy, and the luxurious sensual pleasures of life.  Sometimes it may be a temporary love, but we all have things we admire and get into like video games or a book.  It doesn’t have to be forever, sometimes we only get a short glimpse of an original artwork we love, but it doesn’t mean we do not love it, because we do not own it.  Take a look deep within though and see if you really love it; or love it because someone told you it was good.  This love begets self-thought.

When you see beauty and behold it, there is something within you that resonates with the item, object or person.  Aphrodite/Venus is full of beautiful comforts and luxuries divine.  

Colorful mushrooms, oversized pillows, silk blankets, classic sculpture, decadent food, and the best descriptive language a lover can find.  Erotic, lustful, joyful, and a great good time.

She inspires the longing to share the good things we have and find with others.  The goal of Venus is to see yourself or your psyche through her eyes.  She will also encourage you to do things you never thought of doing before.  However, it is pleasure that is of the highest good in the realm of this Goddess.  

The beginning and awakening of the heart begin with her and end with her son Eros whom we will meet later in our adventure.  

If you allow her to show you, then you will open to going to see art, concerts to hear music, and an expanded awareness of such great talent and the free exchange of creative ideas.  Venus is the ruler of Taurus, and Taurus people love the luxury and comfortable pleasures that Venus is the ruling planet.  Most think Taurus folk practical with money, but they will spend it here because these are classic things that never go out of style.

If you can turn the love in-ward you can begin to create and style your surroundings to things that are pleasing to you.  The Ancient Greeks fully understood that pleasure was of the highest good and the French knew food and dining was one of those great pleasures.  This was the realm of Venus, where we could just leap like the gazelle in the garden of Delight.

Another often ignored but very important thing you will receive from her is the ability to value things fairly.  Why do you work at the store if you hate running a cash register and complaining idiots?  What would make you happy to do, something that doesn’t feel like work.  She will let you answer that for yourself.  Then she will show you how to create it within a specific budget.  You will begin to do your best with what you have and learn to use your resources.

Here in Venus, we also work on possession and ownership.  What is property?  Do you treat your family and wife like a piece of valuable real estate?  Then you may need some humanities training?  A lesson on the cup of compassion?  You will fear the Goddess who can show you such things; and make you more human.  It puts us into a vulnerable state and people don’t like to be put in such a state.  

There was also training in what love is and what it is not.  Apathy would be the absence of love and hate is the symptom.  A trigger of this state might be hatred.  These are feelings that are burned out when we begin to appreciate life.  


Pheonix Phyre

This was my last time attending Pheonix Phyre and the reason I haven’t posted any stories this week. I was camping at Maddox Ranch and did not have time to post any new blogs. At least I have enough stories though to catch you all up.

I wasn’t allowed to bring Alexander the Great, but he did get to pick me up with my wonderful boyfriend Joe. Luckily I had gotten rid of most of my vending stuff so Joe was able to help another vendor who had attended alone.

I am now home with fire ant bites, misquito bites and sore muscles. Camping and setting up and tearing down your wares is not much fun. However, the fantastic hosts at Maddox Ranch always make it worth my while to attend an event they host. The ranch itself boasts a few pigs, some cute dogs, horses and cows. I heard a rumor they would be adding goats. The wild pig no-one can catch was up all night Wednesday night knocking coolers together for about 8 hours until he was able to break in and get some bacon and biscuits that he stole and ate from Pete, the food vendor. I also heard rumors that he stole food from some other folks at festival, causing them to have to buy the meal plan from Pete, I guess the pig figured since she helped him out, she was owed some snacks.

This pig also enacted some karma on some fool guy who was walking around touching women inaapropriately. The pig raided his tent. Now , This man was his own cock block. For real, he was a total weirdo and I got to pick on him a bit. While he was in the outhouse toilet I went and shook it as hard as I could and yelled “boy, you been looking for Bigfoot, you want to be on TV?’ Now I didn’t call him his own cock block, another young lady had done that. So an hour later I get a look at this fellow and yes, he was a sad, sad man. It was like seeing the end of the world because if it was your only choice to procreate it would be the end of the world. I did however give this young lady the serpent staff as an award for out-doing my cock blocking dog. If you ever attend festival keep in mind to not touch ladies without permission, because if I find you did it, I am an annoying mother fucker who will play with you and drive you nuts if I find you. That is not the way to talk to the girls. You don’t touch someone without permission and never get so drunk/or high that you do this behavior.

On a good note, it was my last time attending Pheonix Phyre and Friday night was a great night of dancing and drumming and I was glad to have met some new people like Anthony who sells drums that he makes and they were incredible.

As for the Ferrets, they were a gift from the folks at Maddox Ranch and I want to say thank you for your great hospitality and treating people the way you want to be treated. It is always a pleasure to be at the ranch with people who DO have your best interests at heart. A magical and sacred place that carries a very positive vibe and where one day I am hoping to have my wedding reception. They even have a DJ in house. So now I have a piece of Maddox Ranch here with me, two new ferrets named Lucy and Aries Potter. I will post the photos later when my dumb ass computer (after being upgraded) will allow me to actually post a photo or two.

Weekly wrap up

So i have some painted clothing with greek and egyptian themes. Some t shirts that are a bit different and ready to begin the clothing label and line. Zeus Designs by ET. Hope to be up and running in March on ETSY to begin.

I wont be vending anymore this year in public, waiting for 2021 to see how the writting goes. I have the first chapter of Acid Trips ready and two more kids series books coming out soon.

Its been a productive and exciting week here in the studio. And I hope you all have a Happy Valentines Day!!!

Day three and back to writting.

So I did one hour on Monday then painted jeans and started a control flow poppy field painting for my mom. Don’t tell her i cheated and used a stencil but she just wont get an abstract if it went up her ass.

Anywho, the book is going well. I have six pages and on Tues, Weds and Thurs i finished the outline, organization and have six pages of the first draft. This week is two hours writing then off to painting and art class. Next week i bump to three to four hours. Being ADD i like to start something and work through to the end with out stopping, which isnt a benefit btw. its like driving from ohio to florida with no bathroom stops or food breaks. you need amphetamines to do it.

So since I have slowed down, i now have to stop myself or i will keep going. its like i know if i have two drinks im good but on the fourth, there’s no stopping. Ha ha…..truth though. Being ADD though and having alot of chaos i find if i split my day in thirds and work on them a little each day, my work improves and I have time to stop and correct myself. When i need to speed up, i just guzzle my mountain dew and keep going. This book is important though and i want to do it right. The painting is to show muy mom i can do a realistic type floral bullshit painting using pure color and I am sure Matisse himself would love it.

I want to end this with encouraging anyone who is considering a career in the creative world to go for it. Dont stop, question like your as annoying as Socrates, and move through those obstacles and have courage. Creation is our right, our priveledge and we can make some really amazing things like Michaelangelo or Davinci. We can conquer the world like Alexander the Great and make it a better place.

My feeling and my rightousness on the heroin plague i will fucking tell you why

Et Ansel

2 mins · 

When people are sick and hurting they hurt others, plants animals and humans all do this. a caveman could figure it out and if you don’t give a shit your lazy and deserve to get robbed by them

i know a shit ton of little kids who hate and wish death to their parents and grandparents. perhaps the change needed starts there.

From Chaos to Order today

So we are in second draft with Acid Trips with Jesus, woo hoo….on schedule so far.. I write then outline then write again. I know everyones method is different but this seems to work best for me. I write a random peice then do an out line discarding and keeping what works and what wont. This is the point where the book blossoms into life and sometimes builds itself kind of like my paintings do.

On to my next painting. I am using my controlled flow technique and doing a feild of poppies so while i lay the background colors it occurs to me that i now see, really see how a field of flowers accoring to color is planted. HMMM. Interesting revelation today. Then i look up at one of my acrylic flow works and damn if you cant see a fairy talking to an animal, deer or cat i think. The most beautiful wings simply wait for you to notice them. Amazing that acrylic flow are can teach you to see kind of in a reverse way. I know it’s helped me improve my art very quickly.

Sometimes as artist we are our only teacher, when we level up we know it. And sometimes we need other opinions to validate our art and find out kind of like house shopping with an agent what you like or dont like about things. The best part is when you KNOW your better and dont need validation. It’s a new feeling for me.

Hindsight and 20/20 vision and some good drugs

Well i was thinking last spring and winter my art studio looked like Dionysus, Hermes and Prometheus went on a meth amphetamine buying spree in the time frame of two months. WTF? As i remember the sight of the studio last march. But what fun. Thank god Zeus was in control and didnt let me display some of that shitty chaos. Really bad art. But yes, we had fun and now when i look back i see the wise lesson, while having one hell of a good fucking time.

Are these gods real? Well i can testify the energy is there and you can use it. But it will not be what you expect. Am I glad for it, Hell yes! Even my walk with Hades and Persephone has been productive as i look forward to the future books and art I will produce.

Do i have any regrets from the whirlwind tornado of chaos i created. Hell no.

I am happy as I look back and think that was so much fun, can we do it again? In a few more years when I have forgotten? Dont ever be afraid to be who you are, to love who you are for truly they created us and we are wondourously made, even better made when on the path of happiness and living our lives.

Today i dont want to kill anyone, destroy anything or lay in bed all day. So to those of you who are not here yet. Dont quit, dont give up and keep going. I am a taurus and we are known for our perseverence and the energy is there for you to use anytime you need it.

Just a thought of random shit i wanted to share today!

Acid Trips With Jesus

Is in production and it will (woo hoo!) definitely be out at the end of March in time for TAg and Easter (ostara). Really excited about it and cannot wait to promote it. I am accepting origional signed art prints i will give you credit for and put in the book, psychedelic or greek god based work only.

Get it out there and seen! And get a free copy of the book if you submit and i use it.

Contact me at eansel72@icloud.com

And have a beautiful day!!!

All packed up and ready for Daytona Beach

We are showing at the Daytona Main Street Live event Saturday from 2 pm to 12 midnight this week. I finally have all my canvases loaded and actually ended up with several paintings from acrylic pours to mixed media and will be showcasing my newest technique that I created called a controlled flow.

We will also have several new books from books of shadows, to steampunk journals and celtic books for purchase. Some are painted, some are leather covered and some are just cute as a button. We look forward to attending this event for the first time and hope to see some of you there! Look for the Egyptian Pyramid with the Eye of horus, and that’s Zeus Designs by ET Studios!

After this event we will vend at another event by this coordinator in Deland. I am looking forward to it and will have photos up for the blog on Sunday, time permitting. Its going to be a super busy weekend and I hope you all enjoy it!

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